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Molino de Izcar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • Molino de Izcar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This box contains 6 bottles of 500 ml.

Molino de Izcar is an extra virgin olive oil with a medium-high fruity flavor, in which both green and ripe fruit notes can be appreciated. Once in the mouth, it stands out for its great softness and sweetness, which make it very pleasant. The aftertaste is slightly bitter and spicy, leaving notes of fruits such as apple.

Pairing: It can be used raw, both on bread for breakfast and in pasta and salads. Nevertheless, we obtain its maximum performance in the traditional legumes stews, rice and meat. With our olive oil, these dishes achieve density and softness, as well as an exceptional texture.

Composition: It is a wonderful blend of three varieties of extra virgin olive oil:
• Picual: An extra virgin olive oil that provides its characteristic fruity point and a great variety of nuances.
• Hojiblanca: It provides the characteristic bitterness and vegetable flavor that is so appreciated in the oils used for cooking.
• Picuda: With this type of olives, very sweet oils are obtained. Combined with other varieties, they multiply their flavor, such as the fruity and spicy nuances that characterize Molino de Izcar extra virgin olive oil.